tino sehgal at turbine hall and the new tanks at tate modern

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tino sehgal at turbine hall and the new tanks at tate modern

Postby jasperjoffe » Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:40 am

Ho Hum, good to have a new space at the modern, which for some reason (architect's ramps, bridge etc) always leaves me worn out. Sehgal is the present genius showing for Unilever, he doesn't abide contracts etc, and gets paid with a verbal agreement. People come and talk to you, telling you poignant stories, and sometimes they do things like running around. They are employed by Sehgal to do this, which is good in the present economic climate. This is a fabulous de-objectifying in the history of art, instead of boring old capitalist sexist fetishized objects we get magical moments.

It's an exciting idea, imagine we could curate (yucky word) brilliant additions to daily social interactions, we could electrify and inspire the mundane. Problem is cities do this better than artists' contrivances, just walk down the street for example, and the whole idea that stuff and things can't create amazing experiences better than cod theatre is bogus and lacking evidence. Instead of turning Tate modern into an emporium of 60s sociology, less irritating to curators than the mysterious and elusive beauty of paintings and sculptures, we could really try to encourage artists to make better things, rather than organise happening, fill darks rooms with loud noises or tedious films, dabble in social psychology experiments etc etc.
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