Lots of people at IBID Project Hoxton Square

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Lots of people at IBID Project Hoxton Square

Postby lamp » Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:01 pm

The subject box restricts me from naming all of the artists.

Unica Zurn's psychedelic-y drawings are the best thing there and intricate enough to be interesting but not pointlessly fiddly so as to be annoying. Marianne Vitale's "Horse Fed" is like a twee-er less-good version of an Unica Zurn drawing. The "Patron", however, video is tres amusant. Anj Smith's paintings are meaningless fiddly manifestations of the cosmic force of boring wankiness. I am unable to have any strong feelings about Alicja Wade's slightly boring string instrument pieces. Jutta Koether's drawings would be great if they were hung on a wall, but as a kind of picture/sculpture hybrid they fail but remain aesthetically pleasing. The Louise Despont drawings look like blueprints for houseflies and are interesting. This show is a good show.
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