HIX at Tramshed, Rivington Street, London

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HIX at Tramshed, Rivington Street, London

Postby jasperjoffe » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:27 pm

Of course this should be in consumption, but the restaurant has much of contemporary art's hype about it ,and rests in the heart of shoreditch. There is a commissioned Damien Hirst of a cow and chicken high up in a tank, which looks good, and the restaurant is spacious with nice light. Think up market Nandos.

They only serve whole chickens or sirloin steak. The easy put down for the food would be to say it is an empty one liner like Hirst's art, but Hirst's art is better than that, and as art much better than what they serve here as food. But all the insulting words flung at Damien, hoax, hype, emperors new clothing etc etc would be better used against Hix at Tramshed.

Let's start with the starters which the enthusiastic waitress tells you are great for sharing. There are three tonight. A cold dry tasteless yorkshire pudding with a small bowl of whipped chicken livers (in themselves not bad), some cold peas with gristly bacon in them, and some courgettes with capers and cream cheese which would be ok if you had been served them at a provincial dinner party. These are neither fun nor tasty to share, an underseasoned and an underwhelming start to the meal.

Next the main event, Sirloin Steak. It was petrolly on the outside, lukewarm/cold, medium rather than rare as requested, and soft on the inside (texture its only saving grace) without much flavour, and without seasoning. The charcoally petrolly exterior overwhelmed any taste on the inside. Served with some fries that were not up to McDonalds standard, a salad with a tasteless dressing, and some broadbeans, once again flavourless. Seriously at this point you think what's the joke? They serve two things, and can't even get them up to average standard.

The place was full with people queuing outside on a wednesday night. Other diners were picking at the humorously served upside down chicken with its legs in the air. From a distance it looked dry and ugly and given the steak's low level probably was.

For pudding (£10 sharing for 2) a fondue, pronounced amazing by the waitress whose enthusiasm level had flagged slightly as she picked up our displeasure (constant moaning) about the meal. It had I think four strawberries and some yucky marshmallow with a pool of cold milk choc dipping sauce, if you got it in a O'Neals you would be mildly disappointed.

Overall a night at Nandos would be cheaper and much tastier, and the steaks you get served in a pub, cafe rouge, or just about anywhere else better or about the same.

Steak and chips, chicken and chips. HA ha ha. Not that hard to get right. All wrong and shame on the restaurant reviewers that have given this place glowing reviews. If you think the artworld cosy and corrupt, I can but imagine what the restaurant world is like. The queues of dodos waiting to eat this foolish food must soon realise it just isnt very good. Easier to discern with consumption rather than culture.
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Re: HIX at Tramshed, Rivington Street, London

Postby CAP » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:03 pm

An acquired taste?
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