Grayson Perry Tapestries at Victoria Miro versus his TV show

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Grayson Perry Tapestries at Victoria Miro versus his TV show

Postby jasperjoffe » Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:16 pm

Big difference: great discursive tv show intelligent questioning of important underrepresented subject by sensitive but inquisitive host.

Art Show not so much. Tapestries which look like big cartoons or 80s glasgwegian figurative paintings or illustrations. .. Sorry GP Hogarth wasn't a great painter (see Goya for that) and these are much less appealing than the vases, which have a nice handmade collaged quality, while the technically excellent machined rugs just look like what they are, blown up photoshop illustrations fed into an amazing weaving machine. Art doesn't do very well talking about these kind of ideas. And this show is evidence of that. The qualities of art are more elusive and harder/differently won. TV is actually quite good at presenting a thesis, set of ideas or questions, art with its self-questioning neurosis pretty much always fails to discuss poltics (see a lot of bad art).
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Re: Grayson Perry Tapestries at Victoria Miro versus his TV

Postby CAP » Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:18 am

Let's face it with a name like Grayson you're going to labour anywhere except the media. His petty social observation needed a whole lot more than stock cartoon treatment. What was the point of printing them into tapestries? To spend money like Damian Hirst? This is too laboured to be fun, much less funny. For a laugh give me Private Eye any day, if only for the graphics (which is about where this stuff sits). This is English in all the worst ways.

VM what were you thinking?

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