west end gallery round up, sadie coles, haunch, white cube

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west end gallery round up, sadie coles, haunch, white cube

Postby art reviews » Thu May 26, 2011 6:20 pm

Sadie coles has best ever artist in the world Spartacus Chetwynd, a multiplayer journey through cringey performance circa 1970. It's the clever posh gallery subeverting itself for the millionth time.

Haunch of Venison has expensive Matthew Day Jackson, guys in open necked shirts and tailored jackets can get off on a space capsule and a load of other overdesigned crap which might be art, might not. It's big production value ART.

White Cube central , has Baselitz with some tired versions of his old paintings, they are big and repetitive so decorate the massive bunker well.

Modern Art has a a show of painting which isn't quite there, like a whole load of bit and pieces, why bother painting.

Pilar Corias has yet another Tala Madani show, they must be selling well, cartoony Irani, who seeing more of shows there's less there besides a good touch.

At Alison Jaques a groupshow, not shown on the art update map, cost cutting I guess, called among flesh, nothing much to write home about, upgraded degree show.

The galleries I haven't mentioned are worse.
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