Tacey Emin At the Hayward Gallery London Part One

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Tacey Emin At the Hayward Gallery London Part One

Postby jasperjoffe » Sat May 21, 2011 12:30 pm

Everyone's been going mad for tracey lately. Oh well why not, let's just think of her as an artist for a moment. The start of her show at the Hayward is stunning. Quilts on the wall with their cries and slogans, like feminist 70s art or community projects. They are double hung next to the beach hut on a pier which gleams in the light of her neons. All three parts are direct, engaging, and visually beautiful pieces of art. They connect emotionally to the audience, and that is one reason why Emin is very popular. Thyey have humour and skill to describe how it feels to be alive.

You then move on Emin's disco dancing video which is funny and vulnerable, with a compelling narrative that you are willing to sit all the way through. Some tedious pieces of her dressed up as a cowboy follow and the show tails off into the drab drawings and prints,sub-Baselitz painting, and general beigeness. Like she began trying to make real art, and this had to be dull. The show is worth seeing for its start alone, I hurried through the end parts, so will probably go back for another look.

Yes Tracey is an annoying Tory, perhaps as a kind of final provocation to the liberal classes, her views are wrong, her art has much to recommend it.
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