Marc Desgrandchamps @ Galerie Zürcher, NYC

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Marc Desgrandchamps @ Galerie Zürcher, NYC

Postby CAP » Thu May 03, 2012 2:18 pm

Art were flagging this guy. I'd never heard of him so I took a look.
Not absolutely staggering, but vaguely interesting, occupying that tricky territory somewhere in between David Salle and Henri Matisse. It's all the babes in swinsuits that probably tell against him as a serious, Tuymans-like, ironist. But he definitely has a touch, albeit a very thin and runny one - which is more than you can say for Salle. Imagine if Salle had developed a touch instead of becoming a designer. And was French! That's sort of the territory here.

Apart from the gallery slideshow, I found these.

He's cool. 8-)

Note: heavy-hitters Schwabsky and David Cohen endorse him. Could be the start of something for the guy, who is 52 I think, so been working up to this...
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