centre of attention give a talk at artsadmin

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centre of attention give a talk at artsadmin

Postby jasperjoffe » Fri May 13, 2011 11:18 am

disclaimer: these guys are my friends!


They gave a talk to about 10-15 people which i caught the end of. Something about photographing normal people reenacting photos of current events in the newspaper. They seemed to want to make art accessible, gary, who with pierre makes up the centre of attention, seemed against artists being political because they don't know much about politics. Pierre wanted to break down the third or fourth wall of performance. I asked the question what was the value and to whom, of the art they made. They said I had missed the beginning of their talk where that had been covered.

We then reenacted that already famous picture of obama watching osama getting murdered and COA took some photos. It was fun to do, like very minimal acting, and the diverse group of participants got into it. I was up for doing another one but the energy fizzled out. I got the point of what they do a bit, it's quite nice taking part.
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