nerd art Savage Messiah @ 1 Sutton Lane Gallery

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nerd art Savage Messiah @ 1 Sutton Lane Gallery

Postby art reviews » Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:35 pm

Below is the blurb quoted in full. There were a few good things in the show. The rest is middle aged people in fashionably unfashionable 80s clothes, standing around with their backs to a bunch of stuff in a case, all connected round some pretentious premise. Sort of as cool as can be, and as dull as to make you want to commit assisted suicide on art. The folk that like this sort of stuff have ascended a plane of cleverness and brilliance as to have entirely disconnected from the vital life signs of a living art form. Down the road in Shoredich the swine and swill of essex are bussed in to to vomit themselves to life. Ah praise the lord.

[quote23 APRIL – 28 MAY 2011

Derek Boshier, Horace Brodzky, Sophie Brzeska, Steven Claydon, Keith Coventry, Ruth Ewan, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Anthea Hamilton, Derek Jarman, Scott King, Mark Leckey, Christopher Logue, Ella McCartney, Eduardo Paolozzi, Ezra Pound, Mary Richardson, William Roberts, Karin Ruggaber, Ken Russell, Daniel Silver, Stephen Sutcliffe, Rob Upritchard, Edward Wadsworth, Alfred Wolmark, Bill Woodrow

Rob Tufnell prese...nts an exhibition, curated with Michelle Cotton, of sculpture, print, film, video, objects and ephemera dating from 1913 to the present day.

‘Savage Messiah’ is premised by a series of accounts of the life of artist Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (1891 – 1915) and takes its title from two of these: a 1931 book of personal correspondence between the artist and Sophie Brzeska edited by H.S. Ede and, more significantly, the 1972 biopic directed by Ken Russell. The screenplay of Russell’s film was written by the poet Christopher Logue and was art directed by Derek Jarman who was assisted on property and sets by a number of artists including Bill Woodrow. These treatments of Gaudier Brzeska’s life characterise him as a self-styled mouthpiece for ‘Vorticism’ (or ‘English Cubism’) with its apparently incongruous influences from ‘primitive’ art and modern technology.

The exhibition, bringing together art and literature made on the eve of the First World War and from more
recent years, can be seen to collapse conventional art histories (that look back to a Classical tradition) to instead look simultaneously onto understandings of the prehistoric and postmodern to explore a timeless engagement with what Ezra Pound termed the VORTEX.

Opening Reception, Saturday 23 April, 7 – 9pm
Exhibition open 12 – 6pm, Wednesday – Saturday and by appointment

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Re: nerd art Savage Messiah @ 1 Sutton Lane Gallery

Postby CAP » Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:35 pm

The thought of Woodrow as a props assistant to Jarman on a Ken Russell film is sort of fun...

If you know who Derek Jarman and Ken Russell were. ;)
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