“Yohji making waves – The Wapping project”

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“Yohji making waves – The Wapping project”

Postby jasperjoffe » Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:39 pm


How stupid is this website, I failed to get to any useful info and gave up, perhaps I am dumb, but shouldn't the design allow you to find some basic info about the gallery? The show is massive indoor paddling pool in the dark with a dress by Yohji Yamamoto hanging in the middle, an earnest foreign guy paddles you round and tells you to shsh if you get bored of comtemplating the greatness of our esteemed designer. The whole thing is AN EXPERIENCE, but it seems a lot of effort for the very slight interest of seeing the dress reflected in the water. I imagine no one round YY has the guts to tell him that his frocks are not great art, not even minor art, just more stuff, a bit like most art, only sustained by large amounts of pseudo sincerity and pomposity and the worship of fame and success,
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