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Postby jasperjoffe » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:40 am

Have only seen this show (tv) not real (is there?) one. I enjoyed Deller and it made me want to see the work. Found him beguiling, and contradictory. There is a sort of everythings art, painting is old fashioned, why do we need art galleries posture which is then contradicted by the very same artist showing in, winning prizes off the mainstream artworld while still insisting how silly and arbitrary it is. Cake and eat it.

And then there it's all about the ordinary people thing which is then contradicted by the artist saying in great detail how they came up with and organised the brilliant idea which "the people" never had.

Still, Deller does do good things which connect stuff in a way most bourgeoiss kinda point at, but never do. He does.
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