Govt art collection at whitechapel and rothko documentation

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Govt art collection at whitechapel and rothko documentation

Postby jasperjoffe » Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:20 pm

Having circumnavigated the eager beavers of the art book fair which i had no interest in, I found some art. The govt art collection salon hung by cornelia parker was good, nice to see old and new brushing up against each other to mutual advantage, and some contemporary artists you haven't seen for a while, like craigie aitchison or an ed rushca print or an odd picture of venice from the budapest embassy.

The rothko whitechapel is disappointingly just one painting and loads of photos of the show from the 60s with lots of trendy people in black specs looking like people look nowadays, the letters arranging the original show have a nerdy interest to those who organise shows (aka curators).
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