Patio Project #5: Hanae Utamura | Construct

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Patio Project #5: Hanae Utamura | Construct

Postby wwgallery » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:46 am

WW’s Patio Projects #5: new public sculpture from artist Hanae Utamura

1st March - 1st April 2012

PV First Thursday 1st March 6 – 9pm
(Drinks at Three Sisters Pub on the corner)

WW Gallery
Open 24/7 at 30 Queensdown Road, London E5 8NN

'What are we doing on earth, if not constructing something and deconstructing it at the time, as in war?'
For Patio Projects #5, Hanae Utamura poses and responds to her own question, through daily performances during March.
Imitating the continual flux that drives man to simultaneously create and destroy, every day Utamura will repeat the cycle with a new piece of work.
'Construct' takes the form of an organic installation, open to the interventions of the artist, the public and the elements.
Follow Hanae's progress on her blog

Utamura is an MA graduate of Chelsea College of art.

Artist statement:

“I contemplate the human condition on the move, in different circumstances such as urban or natural landscapes. My intervention in these spaces is a response to the site and is never rehearsed before action is held. Sometimes putting my life at risk in politically charged sites, the work exposes a negotiation of life and how life survives in its own system. I explore a form of spirit such as love, courage, belief, faith and let my work to evoke the condition of these spirits – the beautiful side of it as well as provoking its absurdity, futility and the violence of it.
Everything moves in flux, and it seems that is the only universal condition of matters at all times.”
Hanae Utamura

‘Patio Projects’ is WW Gallery’s rolling public art programme on view 24/7.
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Re: Patio Project #5: Hanae Utamura | Construct

Postby jasperjoffe » Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:22 am

this should be in the press release section
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