Hockney at RA Part Deux, possible improvements

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Hockney at RA Part Deux, possible improvements

Postby jasperjoffe » Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:30 pm

I went to see it again to see if I could like it, but still came away empty. In the spirit of helpfulness, here are some ways Hockney's next show could be better. :

1: Try varying the brushmark
2: If you want to paint big get a big canvas, not loads of silly little ones you have to hang all together and see the cracks.
3: Booming colour is great, but see what happens if you do one or two muddy ones, it will really lift the others.
4: Edit.
5: Use your great graphic skill to draw some things from your imagination in the landscapes, clearly these paintings are really fantasies to why not go a bit further, and be less illustrational.
6: Vary the paint thickness more (see point 1, it's related)
7: You are trying to make great paintings, but you will have to take more risks with paintings that aren't all so finished. See Cezanne.
8: Leaves have shapes.
9: The sky is different from the trees.
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