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The Perfect Nude

Postby CAP » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:44 pm

100 artists paint the nude - Wimbledon School of Art 13th Jan - 10th Feb 2012.

Curated by Phil Allen and Dan Coombs (Dan teaches at Wimbledon, I think)

Basically an encyclopaedia of London Painters - all the usual suspects are there - whether they really attend to the nude or not (Mali Morris? Danny Rolph?). Anyway, whole lotta nudes but precious little perfection. Given the numbers, obviously many works small and hung salon-style - the effect a bit like visiting a giant Transition Gallery show (Cathy Lomax and Alli Sharma are both included).

If I had a fave it was img_5978.jpg- which looked like it was mashed in Photoshop.

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