Alistair Gentry's CAREER SUICIDE

Alistair Gentry's CAREER SUICIDE

Postby CAP » Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:45 pm

This one makes it here as 'Gonzo art criticism'. Particularly liked the post picking up on Jerry Saltz outing 'Wicked' Wade Guyton for fraud, basically. :lol:

:!: Although, having said that: I now find that the link to Saltz's story has been cut - presumably by Vulture (New York Magazine) and not just from Career Suicide, but all the links given by Google - even Huff-Po. The reason? Maybe Saltz was threatened with litigation by Guyton or his gallery? The fact that Guyton uses the same digital file to run his prints through flawed or modified printers, doesn't necessarily make them fakes or copies (printer differences are all here). That's one reason that occurs to me... :| :ugeek:
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