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Art Critical

Postby CAP » Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:03 am

This is a site I tend to forget about and then rediscover and spend time happily commenting on various reviews. Although I'm not quite sure how to take David Cohen's reviews - at first he seems to be liking stuff too much and then he seems to be slagging it and I keep wondering if I'm not missing something in the tone. But anyway, long and thoughtful reviews of NYC shows, most of which appeared in the NY Sun first.

And yeah while a NYC scene, Cohen actually knows the London scene pretty well and has reviews of stuff like Jen Saville and Cec Brown...

Do I resent Greg Linquist's mealy-mouthed reviews there, just because he ignored my submission to Brooklyn Rail? (Greg, artbooks editor @BR). Not really. Common courtesy might have obliged at least a rejection slip, but read the reviews, measure the man. Guess I was treading on toes at BR as well - their politics, just a little too nice for me.

Anyway - ART CRITICAL- try it!

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