x box with Kinect, recherche du temps perdu

x box with Kinect, recherche du temps perdu

Postby jasperjoffe » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:54 am

xcellent addition/ruination of my life. The TV streaming alone is worth it. It seems for one reason or another to receive a better picture from the same broadband than my other digital distraction devices. Connected to a 39 inch TV I can enjoy TV again visually, not just as narrative, a blurry enhanced radio as it is when streamed thorough my PC. Of course I have now watched two thousand episodes of breaking bad and modern family on netflix and feel like I am a gay dad with a meth lab.

As for the games they are a whole lot more beautiful than when I last played them twenty years ago, they still involve mind calming levels of concentration and finger strain, and the ones using Kinect are fun and you really do move, and the kinect thing can see you and hear you and take photos of you, like it was meant to be in the future. I had forgotten the real joy of the virtual and the activity awakes memories slumbering deep in my gooey brain of lost adolescent times. The games of this generation are like playing cgi cartoons, with crafted intermissions and entry screens and music, and the immersion at least for the returning player is like diving into a digital sea and seeing things of unearthly beauty.

To play again, perchance to play.
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