Allpress Espresso, Redchurch Street

Allpress Espresso, Redchurch Street

Postby lamp » Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:33 pm

As I arrived in the establishment I scanned the menu board for any indication of a heated chocolate drink. Horrified, was I, as I discovered none. However, on being interrogated on the presence of heated chocolate drinks, the coffee-woman confirmed that they did indeed serve heated chocolate drinks. The heated chocolate drink was ordered and I moved along the queue, where I discovered to my delight that one was invited to take free water from a clicky tap thing on the couter-bar thing. I received water from the clicky tap thing and took my seat.
The heated chocolate drink was brought to me in the form of high temperature milk with semi melted chocolate in the bottom. Bemused as I was by this development, I reached into the depths of the milk with my spoon and stirred. I continued to stir until the heated milk was a light brown colour and there no longer lay semi-melted chocolate at the bottom of my glass. I drank the splendid concoction and basked in its nice-tasting glory.
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