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John Hurt as Dr. Who

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 11:31 am
by CAP
Well it had to come. I sensed it in the new year. Smith moves on and as I’d hoped Moffat’s gone for an older, less sexy Doctor. I sensed it was about time for another grumpy old bastard. How did I know that? My favourite is still William Hartnell, which dates me I know. And my preferred replacement would have been (Sir?) Michael Gambon. Sah!

He has this mischievous quality that I think might have played well against Coleman. But I’m happy with Hurt, I sense he will be stronger on the haunted, more depressed and world-weary tip. He's got such a great face and voice. You sense he could croak any time. Utterly compelling! :D Gary Oldman would also have been worth asking after. Especially if he did his Drac voice! Oh wow...

Smith’s final episode, surrounded by women was sort of interesting in a Fellini-ish way, that lizard woman with her cockney familiar again, I forget the names - but a bit intricate in terms of plotting and metaphysics. WTF Moff!

Let’s hope they get back to just zapping monsters and teasing us about their sleeping arrangements.

Still a fan. :D