Dr Who's New Girl

Dr Who's New Girl

Postby CAP » Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:28 am

I will never entirely recover from the loss of Karen Gillan. Deep down I knew it couldn't last, of course. Once they introduced the wally Rory, her terribly nice but dull partner, really the writing was on the wall, one way or another. So I was mentally preparing myself for some time, idly reviewing replacements. I guess if we had to lose Karen and the palpable chemistry with Smith as doctor, then my vote would have been with another wee Scotch knockout - Amy Manson. A ready-made Amy! But that Amy I suspect, already a class or two above kid's sci-fi adventure...

If we had to lose Karen, a complete change of doctor would have been appropriate. But Moffat obviously still sold on Smith. Smith, judging from the Guardian article in March of last year, may be wearying of the role...

But anyway, cut to reality: With Christmas we finally get to see Emmadale Farm meets Dr Who and the petite Jenna-Louise Coleman is certainly a wow. But I'm already sensing a completely different dynamic with the doctor. Coleman even from the initial banter projects a far more knowing and sophisticated companion than Amy Pond (Gillan). Still, you play to your strengths. Let's face it Karen just was Karen with a directness and vivacity that annoyed as many as it entranced. Towards the end they did give her lots of actorly stuff to try and give her range, give Amy depth, but they only succeeded in making her mundane, hastened her demise. But when Karen was on - KAREN WAS ON! - That look in her eye, that quivery body language. She was one giggly girl you would always want to know.

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