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Re: Indian Art at Saatchi Gallery, The empire strikes back

From:     Sahib CAP
Category: Art
Date:     04 February 2010
Time:     02:08 AM


Saatch has lost his mojo along with his waistline. Neo Injun looks good on paper - fastest-growing 
economy in the world, largest owner of Manhattan real estate ,currently, etc. But this does not translate 
into artistic excellence - viz - British Empire, Roman Empire, Third Reich and you're out. 

It's like New China Art. Remember that one? Ho ho ho. Check out the Beijing gallery scene now. 
Bouncing back on a stimulus package built for Empire of The Senseless? Not any time soon. They 
bought their way onto the Biennie Old Thing Circuit, into Chelsea Manha ha ha, and Loudon but 
bottom line is money does not equal excellence! No matter how dedicated your Frankfurt School of 
Business School ideologues, at best most money corrupts, kills the thing they love most - Respect. 

Neo-Injun is a footnote to the mad mad world of globalist manoeuvring, pump and dump on markets at 
their most treasured and traditional. Manipulation at its grandest, most blatent. Yeah the Injuns will do 
it for you 24-7 and  @ one tenth the cost but it will just be a pale imitation, a local variation, in an 
accent you don't really need. Which is it, inflated nationalism, transnationalism, or a bid for the long 
term vagrant, the nomad with an agenda to grind?

We all love a North London Jewboy made good, promised by the brokers of Almighty and riding the 
say-so of a marketing myth, but notice how somebody always gets short-changed? That's the prophet 
motive, Sahib. The percentage kick-back down to initiative and self-interest. Should we let Asia 
(whatever that is) do our culture for us? Is their culture just as good as ours? What is culture again? 
What is the measure of excellence, if not oppression? 

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