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Category: Exhibitions
Date:     01 February 2010
Time:     06:15 PM


Private View: Wednesday 10th February 2010, 6-10pm

Exhibition dates: 10-21 February 2010
Opening times: Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm
Artists’ talk: 2pm, Saturday 20th February

Curated by Patrick Michalopoulos and Ismail Erbil

Schwartz Gallery presents the work of Mark Selby and Kate Terry as part of its new series of two-person shows for 2010 
questioning exhibition-making practice. The programme aims to create an innovative platform for dialogue between the work of 
contemporary artists while not being a collaboration.Examining the practice of Selby and Terry one is drawn into a dynamic of 
‘the-viewer-as-navigator’ whose presence in the gallery space is set against ‘zones of activity’ or ‘fields of looking’ and of 
‘looking again’.

Terry’s site-specific thread installation works with the architecture of the gallery space to question its function and physicality. 
Like a peculiar optical device akin to a two-way mirror, the individual threads map out and suggest an indeterminate number of 
planes and surfaces appearing and disappearing within the unchanging dimensions of the exhibition space. What begins as a 
delicate and tactile material is put through a rigorous process of measuring, pinning and connecting, transforming it into a tool 
for a dynamic yet elegant spatial intervention that twists and turns the space within and around it. The viewer is caught in an 
inseparable act of ‘looking through’ and ‘looking at’ the work in an enchanting inter-play between real and imagined 

Questions regarding the role of the viewer are re-visited in the site-specific installation Selby has created in the gallery space. 
An ambiguous relationship between the structures and implied functions of Selby’s work, produce an effect of the ‘absent 
performer‘ or indeed of the ‘viewer-as-performer‘ in and around the installation. The work sets up a dialogue between binary 
opposites; interior and exterior space, seeing and being seen, technology and the hand made, as well as one between the 
inclusion and exclusion of knowledge as to the work’s operation. The function of the work in the gallery context and the role of 
the viewer in Selby’s installation hover indeterminately in a heady formal and metaphorical mix of received versus appropriated 
structural and communication models.

Mark Selby completed his MA in Sculpture at Wimbledon College of Art in 2008. He was the 2009 recipient of the Clifford 
Chance / University of the Arts London Sculpture Award. Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include ‘Transmission’, Grey Area 
Gallery, Brighton (2010), ‘Fault Line: Art in the Age of Anxiety’, The Nunnery, Bow Arts Trust, London (2009) ‘Affluenza’, 
Clerkenwell, London (2009) and ‘Short Fall’, Hand and Heart, Nottingham (2009). Mark Selby lives and works in London and is 
a Lecturer in Fine Art (FE) at UCA, Maidstone.

Kate Terry studied sculpture at Manchester Metropolitan University and received an MFA at the University of Guelph in Canada 
in 2002. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘10 x 10 x 10’, Gooden project space, London (2009), ‘Empty Voluminous’, 
1000000mph, London (2007), ‘Interference’. Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada (2007). Recent group exhibitions include ‘Shadow 
Boxing’, Home House, London (2009), ‘Parallax’, Fieldgate Gallery, London (2008), ‘Heart of Glass’, Shoreditch Town Hall, 
London (2008), ‘Soot From The Funnel’, Lokaal 01, Holland (2008), ‘A Life of Their Own’, curated by Richard Cork, Lismore 
Castle, Ireland, (2008). Kate Terry lives and works in London, and teaches at Camberwell College of Arts and Chelsea College 
of Art.                     

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