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Ansel Krut at Modern Art London versus Ryan Mosley at Alison Jaques Gallery

From:     where art thou
Category: Art
Date:     01 February 2010
Time:     05:05 AM


Krut's paintings are better than Mosley's. Nowhere in Mosley's list of influences on the PR do we hear 
of Magritte's Vache period, and the motifs seem very close, with a fair bit more brown paintwork 
thrown in.

Krut and Mosley look somewhat old fashioned (deliberately) in contrast to the way Magritte and 
Picabia look contemporary, still. Retro.

Krut's paintings are funnier, more visually playful, with a nice one which looks like escalators, they 
make use of 3D and colour. Mosley has the now standard rough bit of painting versus a sketchy bit, 
school of painting 2010. 

Both of them have a talent for an elusive image, not to be pinned down, wanting to be painters like the 
old boys. Neither manages to cast off the sense of a million allusions and make just one believable 
illusion. Krut is closer.

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