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By Chromed Hooves It Travels Now at The Russian Club Gallery until 31 Jan

From:     ars reviews
Category: Art
Date:     28 January 2010
Time:     05:12 AM

John Andrew, Steve Green and Peter Lamb. Paul Hosking

The Russian Club gallery has nicely designed flyers and a very nice space in Dalston, part of the 
Dalston renaissance which may soon turn decadent (as in Shoredtich). 

This show is a mishmash,it could almost be a summer show by a west end commercial gallery. 
Lamb's rauschenburgy photoed collages have verve and vim but you wonder what he actually wants 
to say about life, the universe, or even himself.  
There is cube formed of skulls (yawn) and some shiny things on the wall and a painted square. This is 
the highpoint of human cultural achievement in the hotspot of world activity at the epicentre of cool. 
And we must go on.

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