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Re: obama the new tony blair

From:     A.N.Allergy
Category: Art
Date:     27 January 2010
Time:     06:33 AM


Fascism is a sleek black shiny powerboat with one madman at the helm, democracy is a supertanker
full off screaming voices, each one vying for attention and more audible depending upon the position
of the helmsmen.

Places and situations are more complex than soundbites can convey. Haiti pays reparations to western
powers as part of a debt owed for breaking away and lifting itself from slavery. 

...for example.

I do not understand the persistent but tenuous connection between war in Afghanistan and western
security. I have a strong suspicion that the war is based upon fear and the political necessity for
a "God Fearing" constituency but I am afraid that others will consider me a victim of conspiracy

Bush and Blair acted like self possessed autocrats, it was easy to see that then and its blatantly
obvious now with 20 20. The more you see, the more you know, the less you can actually do as a reaction.

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