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Re: The real Vincent Van Gogh at the Royal Academy

From:     CAP
Category: Art
Date:     26 January 2010
Time:     11:24 AM


Vince didn't make friends easily or for long. In his last years, one of his few colleagues was Australian, 
John Russell, an ageing amateur painter and toff whose portrait of Vince, in the Van Goghland theme 
park op der nederlands is one of the few 'realistic' portraits we have of the otically challenged genius-
child, and clearly shows just what a creepy guy VVG must have been! 

I've always thought if they film another biopic of Vince, they should get Vincent Cassel to play him
 a) because his name is Vince 
b) Cos he's a berserker 
c) He could introduce a much-needed martial arts side to the myth. 
Too little has been made so far of Vince, secret Provencal crime fighter. 
Naturally Olivier Assayas will direct.

I have worked up a couple of treatments, as you can imagine, but so far no nibbles... 

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