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Re: the pilgrim, the voyager, the recluse, the hermit

From:     CAP
Category: Art
Date:     20 January 2010
Time:     08:13 AM


He got dropped by Zach Feuer NYC after a real dog of a show in 2008 (or7?). That was his full-on 
Gauguin tip for those who grew up watching Duran Duran videos. The local response seemed to be 
one of polite embarrassment (there's a James Kalm video on You Tube).

Thing is, Chris is not that good with a brush in his hand. He's not really a painter. He's more a 
designer and assembler. Remember his Venice Bi show? That campy theatrical thing is more what 
he's about. Maybe he should move into stage design like David Hockney. 

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