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Re: Sherlock Holmes film with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law

From:     CAP
Category: Art
Date:     20 January 2010
Time:     07:59 AM


Robert Downey Jnr as the new Harry Potter? I'd go and see it.

I didn't see Sherlock Holmes because those I was with wanted to see Fabulous Mr Fox. I'm 

There was a lot I didn't understand about FMF. I don't think they were real foxes for a start, and 
somehow I failed to recognise George Clooney's voice as Mr F (I thought it was Mel Gibson). At first I 
thought it was meant to be a pisstake of Wallace and Gromit - but given some clever clever 3-D 
animation twist. It's hard to believe it's just stop-frame animation. Why did all the humans have English 
accents? Where was this supposed to be again? Where  is it exactly that badgers live with beavers?

I don't know what Wes Anderson's problem is, but I think he and that Noah dude should give it a rest.  
Oh yeah Owen Wilson's voice is somewhere in there as well....

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