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Germaine Greer on women's art at the pompidou

From:     art news
Category: Art
Date:     18 January 2010
Time:     06:20 AM


The thing is how do you sort out the remains of prejudice without being unfair. Black guys could not 
play in the South Africa cricket team for years, didn't get funding, opportunities, lived in ghettos etc 
etc, because of a racist state, and now all the cricket commentators get really upset that one black 
guy has to be in the team.

Historical and still existing prejudices (sexism, racism you name it) don't just sort themselves out once 
you have equal legal rights (power and habits accumulate over generations) but on the other hand it 
always is going to be a bit hypocritical to discriminate even positively. But it's probably the best of a 
lot of bad options. Better perhaps to sort out the problem at an earlier stage, invest a lot of money in 
cricket academies in black areas, teach kids that men and women have equal talents and options 
and should be able to take risks equally (like being an artist!).

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