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Visible Invisible: Against the Security of the Real at Parasol Unit London

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     18 January 2010
Time:     05:58 AM


Visible Invisible: Against the Security of the Real

25 November 2009  7 February 2010

Artists: Cecily Brown, Hans Josephsohn, Shaun McDowell, Katy Moran and Maaike Schoorel

Quite a long title for basically a show about abstract painters who put a little bit of figurative titillation 
in. Brown's paintings like most of the work in this show have that "working really hard to look like they 
discovered what they're doing" look. Basically all artists these days, and Brown shouldn't be singled 
out, take a significant style from the 20th Century or even a style derived from a style, and add in their 
tiny marketing twist: paint a portrait but make everything white so it looks like there's nothing there, or 
make an abex painting but really it's derived from a subject (gasp!) or have a load of brushstrokes 
that look free, but actually they're deliberate and based on a philosophical text. You get the idea, and 
then the artist gives it to you over and over again, and the work looks manufactured. McDowell's paintings
the closest thing to real art here.

Real art doesn't need to be novel, but usually it looks fresh, as though the artist (at least) has seen 
something for the first time. It aint happening under the parasol.

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