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Re: Defamation a film on antisemitism by Yoav Shamir

From:     Haj
Category: Art
Date:     15 January 2010
Time:     12:19 AM


While Jews believe in a racial basis for their identity (i.e. as a subset of Semites) as an article of faith, 
non-Jews are not obliged to accept it. 

Race is at best a general distinction aligning physical appearances with broad locations, sometimes 
coinciding with nations, sometimes continents. As such it is a crude and clumsy tool for picking out a 
segment of the world's population, and of increasingly limited use, with the greater mobility of 

If Jews ever were of one race, they clearly are no longer. No amount of spurious pedigrees can make 
them so. One cannot marry into a race, only a family. Families are not enough for a tribe, tribes are 
not enough for a nation. The concept of legislating membership to race is offensive to those that suffer 
more authentic and outright discrimination for their appearance or 'race'. 

Jews are implicitly racists and so assume every conflict they meet as racially motivated. This only 
allows them to ignore legitimate causes, others' standards. The fact that their creed supposes them to 
be God's chosen people or favourites; only encourages them to favouritism, nepotism and corruption.

Israel is a colony built on just these principles. Its economy is based on misplaced charity and a Ponzi 
dynamic. Like a shark, it dies if it stops moving, expanding. It is a recipe for war and it always will be.

God is good.

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