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Re: small boy paints ok

From:     g benson
Category: Art
Date:     09 January 2010
Time:     10:51 AM


Kieron's tips for landscape painting

1 "Go on holiday to where you really want to go, and be inspired."

2 "Start with acrylics, then watercolours, then pastels and then oils"

3 When you set out to do a landscape, "start with the sky first, top to bottom."

4 "When you do distance, it's lighter, and when you do foreground it comes darker."

5 "If you're doing a figure in the winter, do a brown head, leave a small gap, do a blue jacket and brown legs. Then with the gap 
get a red pastel and do a flick of red so it looks like a scarf."

6 "Keep on painting."

Interestingly i was given three of these tips when at the RCA

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