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Raymond Pettibon @ Coles HQ

From:     CAP
Category: Art
Date:     06 January 2010
Time:     09:53 PM


The Pettibon show ends on Saturday. It is pretty much the same old stuff, but it's still quite good. More 
recently RP was got more explicitly political. The politics are OK. But the straightforwardness is 
disappointing. Kind of embarrassing really. Back off Pettiboy! Sermons are unbecoming.

RP reminds me a lot of Mark E Smith. They were both born in 1957. Which was the year of the 
mongrel or something, as I'm sure you know. I discovered RP's stuff in little undergound comics only 
available in grubby indie record shops in obscure corners of cities, in the late 80s. RP's brother 
helped run SST I think. I couldn't believe it when FORCED EXPOSURE gave him the in-depth 
interview treatment. But he stood the test. He was entirely the typical west coast flake (as one might 
easily suppose). There was method in his madness. And probably methodone.

But it appealed to my nascent terroist streak, and looking back I'm glad he got in my face like that 
about drawing, literature, publishing and expressionism. He was like a hip Francesco Clemente, 
without the hippiness. 

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