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Owain Thomas illustrates the news. A Blog

From:     Vastin Pance
Category: Art
Date:     01 January 2010
Time:     12:18 PM


Thought I'd see what the nonse was all about, if its in the daily's it's usually been pickled by
inhuman hands. Classically you would'nt call it art but I like the little (?) paintings of
contemporary situations, I came to this looking for a more ascerbic interpretation of the
contradictions in our society, y'know the ones the newspapers just ignore. The guy is an Artist in
my opinion (Illustrator is a distinction accompanying his blog) and if it is'nt glaringly obvious
that he's a raging nutter - then tha'ts got to be good from my perspective, as soon as the
artfulness becomes "Scarfed" for example as in Gerald Scarf, that's when you just end up watching a
nutter swearing at the telly in a brightly lit room with the curtains open. On the sofa next, sits
Will Self and David Bailey trying to get a word in edgeways but then Jonathan Jones calls by and
apologises for calling everyone a kunst - as if they were listening in the first place.

 Owain Thomas allows more than a bit of pathos, maybe painting does that, his picture of the Queen
giving her speech is kindly but I wondered if the description of her speech about the war was
critical. The Tiger Woods image also focused upon the human scale. A light touch maybe, but a
welcome addition to the murky world on and off line news. Look forward to his rendition of Peter
Moore, very very mysterious....

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