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Re: REVIEW OF THE YEAR "2009", the noughties decade etc blah yada...

From:     CAP
Category: Art
Date:     30 December 2009
Time:     11:02 AM


Whatabout art blogs?

PaintersNYC was great 2006-7. 
Remember when they rubbished that stupid bitch Honigman, for her puff in The Guardian? 
Oh how we laughed.

Agree - Sopranos top TV series
(Hard to think of a Brit equivalent for edginess)

The Tate Modern - Art inflation writ large. 
And there certainly should be some large writs for most of the shows and that tithead director.

Venice? What can you say? International Hissy Fit for curators. The backlash from Storr's 2007 effort 
in AF was fun - for a while. As for Daniel Birnbaum - I get him mixed up with Daniel Barenboim - one's 
a jew and one's a viking.... Can you be both? 

Hackney as cultural centre of the universe - it's inevitable really.

The Leipzig School - well it was just Rauch and a few mates really, but the fallout from this one makes 
for some very interesting art politics in Chermany, just now, judging from Wouldn't 
mind going over there and sorting them out, but you know, modesty forbids...

John Peel dropped dead somewhere in The Andes.
 I shall treasure his postcard to me for evermore.

My fave film of the decayed - Spanish indie, The Weakness of The Bolshevik. 
That little Maria Valverde
 - what a hottie.

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