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REVIEW OF THE YEAR "2009", the noughties decade etc blah yada yada

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     30 December 2009
Time:     09:42 AM


Dontcha hate those waste of space, journalists on holidays, top tens which fill the  the net and 
newspapers around this time of year adding to the depressing nothingness of the festive season!

So here we go:
-Matisse/Picasso astonishingly beautiful when they play off each other. Matisse better.
-The Sopranos really great tv, like a novel, far better than overhyped dull The Wire
-The first frieze art fair. Yes it is what it is. And painting dominates cos it's what sells as it hangs well.
-David Smith at Tate Modern. finally sculpture makes sense
-Vyner Street at its peak. The crowds make you think one monkey must be shakespeare.

The lows of the noughties
- Invading Iraq, a mistake of catastrophic proportions which may lead to Tory disaster.
- The Venice Biennale for the third time, socially pseudopolitical worthy, proposal driven art fouling 
the beautiful dream.
- frieze magazine- pretending to be clever about bizness.
-Tate Modern Turbine Hall- patronsing with funfair art.
-All gallerists  and collectors everywhere talking on mobile phones and namedropping and ignoring 
unvip people.. it's the fucking art that matters, not which rich idiot bought it.

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