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Re: Londonpainting blogspot

From:     CAP
Category: Art
Date:     16 December 2009
Time:     12:24 AM


Itís a nice dream Ron, but the truth is such a site is fleeting, when not under severe threat. The closest 
I know of, was PaintersNYC blogspot, where you did get some forthright exchanges and a certain 
amount of urgency. But after youíve declared everything fucked and everyone cunts, basically people 
just donít visit it anymore. If you check the posts on PNYC from 2006, through to its demise in 2008, 
youíll see thereís a fairly steady exchange of posters or commentators. The reason is because one 
party or another simply has nothing left to say to others, for professional or personal reasons. You 
want to pull the trigger on someone, donít expect them to come back for more. Some peopleís ideas 
are unpleasant. Some peopleís personalities are unpleasant. 

So at a certain point, dialogue or interactivity just shuts down.  

On Londonpainting, things are a little quieter because London isnít NY and everyoneís not looking to 
network Chelsea through the side door and there isnít the arch little game of insiderís tags and double 
talk (so far as I know). Also the Ďpainting is deadí thing isnít as rife as it was a few years ago, so 
painting is not quite the endangered species anymore. But then again discussion doesnít descend 
into curatorial slogans and citation or criticís vague policy statements, either. We do try and keep it 
fairly plain and to the point.  And where else can you say that of?

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