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school of saatchi finale bbc 2 tv

From:     art telly reviews
Category: Art
Date:     14 December 2009
Time:     04:40 PM


DEEEEEEEEEEEpressing. The very worst of the artists was the guy who tried to make a painting, 
cos if you make something yourself everyone can tell what a bad artist you are. The girl who won had 
effectively copied keith wilsons "football in railings" and her reaction to winning "fucking hell" " I am 
only 20" was charmless and lacked all class. Then there was caravan guy, minimal tower, and 
science machine. All totally unoriginal and just stuff moved from its normal environment into a gallery, 
this really has stopped being interesting, about 100 years ago, ok we get the idea of 
recontextualising, now move on, to trying the hard work of inventing your own visiual language and 
saying something with it. 

Shame on you judges for choosing artists (MA students) who make the very worst of stuff that looks a 
bit like art.

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