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Re: Contemporary British Painters Aligned with Their Culinary...

From:     Coquilles St. Jacques
Category: Art
Date:     13 December 2009
Time:     02:07 PM


Peter Doig - Dumplings
Sophie Von Hellerman - Prosie Nadziewane
Damien Hirst - Morleys take out 
Fiona Rae - Masurek Bakaliowe
Chris Ofili - Italian Sausage Soup with Tortelini
Nigel Cook - Easy Baklava
Julian Opie - Cornish Pasty with chips and spaghetti
Lisa Milroy - a glass of water with tea tree oil and pringles
Kieth Tyson - English Trifle with paracetamol topping
Jasper Joffe - Mackerell Gumbo with jellied eel and hobbnobs
Richard Wilson - a bucket of humous with protective clothing
David Rayson - Little Chef lunchtime special
Anthony Gormley - Turkey
George Shaw - Beans, artichokes and lentils with special brew
Howard Hodgkin - raw onions
Bruce McClean - Pastry Creams and PVA Glue
Dan Coombs - Charred Crepes with German Red Cabbage
Jack Duplock - Italian Ice Cream Cake with sangria
Glen Brown - Anything Brown
Jenny Saville - Kebab Trauma
John Hoyland - something warm and long
Tony Bevan - a stack of burnt potatoe skins and soured cream
Beryl Cook - Bloody Ceaser Cocktail
Callum Innes - Chateaubriand reconde
Stuart Cumberland - Peaches en regale
Vanessa Jackson - plain crackers

actually it's only boring to read, its quite addictive to do...

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