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SCANDAL: Tiger Woods had sex

From:     faq
Category: Consumer
Date:     09 December 2009
Time:     07:43 AM


It's really amazing Tigers Woods had sex with some women other than his wife.  The world's best 
golfer, possibly the best ever, is black thai american and plays a white sport, one that has a history of 
racism. And where  golf clubs denied entry to women, jews, non-whites, whatever minority you like 
(they didn't).  He was known for his intense discipline, privacy, and dedication.

Now we are told he has had sex with many women, some without a condom. There are even reports 
that he is well endowed. Shock horror. We now find out that he conforms to every standard racist 
stereotype of the black male (sportsman). And is it not with some joy that white society finds that he 
can be put back in his place. 

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