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Re: school of saatchi bbc 2 mondays

From:     CAP
Category: Art
Date:     08 December 2009
Time:     07:46 AM


Art competitions are all about the judges. It's all about massaging some rich ****'s ego and letting 
them think they're an expert in some cultural niche they've lavished money on. And to which they 
otherwise have no right.  It's about some ruthless and dishonest trader buying indulgence and some 
kind of civic respect with a life's worth of ill-gotten gains. 

Noblesse oblige - it's all guilt and deceit - rich fucker. You think we don't know why it has to be such a 
song and dance? The centre of attraction? Throw your money at us! Give us the shiny trophies! We 
love being patronized and afterwards we'll trash your palace and kidnap your kids, just to show how 
creative we are!

Philanthropy - I'll give you philanthropy! Only it'll be just the fucking scraps to my life of corruption and 
abuse, my laziness and indifference to the rest of society - 'the little peole', their quaint customs and 
amusing laws. Art - oh yes I adore the frills! 

Where is it you're from again? Oh yeah, that's right you don't actually belong anywhere, your lot are 
strictly on the move, upward and on an insiders ticket. Got it. God's favourites, right? But big daddy 
will make sure you got to a Good School, even if you're too thick to get very far, and afterwards the 
network will find you something suitably executive, not too taxing, and even less taxed.

When it comes to handing out prizes, you know you go to the back of the queue, by merit. So the best 
you can do is make sure you're awarding them rather than being awarded. But everyone sees and 
everyone knows. We play along, but the more you give, the less you are.

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