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Re: Rubbernecking at Transition Gallery

Category: Art
Date:     08 December 2009
Time:     03:52 AM


oh, the good old days when transition showed stella vine and her, erm, famous people looking sad.  but sad celebs don't feature 
that often do they?  i always think this gallery mixes it up.

but, about the art - rose wylie - much underrated British artist.  these fresh and direct paintings have an energy about them.  her 
eclectic range of references come from the world around her resulting in unexpected surprises from st francis of assisi to a hedge 
dog, cartoon characters, tennis players from tv and, in this show, football stars.  the work is stapled to the walls, like she's 
impatient to get it all down and in one painting the heads look literally cut out and collaged together.  the other painting spans a 
corner of the gallery, like taking a corner in a match but also points to the lack of support for the painting itself.  to me, her works 
are as much about drawing as they are painting, and witty too.  

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