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Category: Press Release
Date:     08 December 2009
Time:     02:28 AM


Press Release for Walt Jabsco

After years in the wilderness we are proud to announce the return of Walt Jabsco. 
Walt Jabsco the sharp suited  black and white iconic figure that  last graced our records in the early 
eighties is back to spread his message of racial harmony with his ska ,reggae, dub manifesto!
Walt Jabsco..The Return Of is a 12 track download album featuring artist and bands inspired by the 
legendary 2 Tone Records.  We donít like to think of it as a tribute album but a continuation from 
where 2 Tone finished. 
All  bands and artist on Walt Jabsco..The Return Of  have donated their tracks free and the album 
features many diverse styles and takes on the 2 Tone sound.
The album features artwork by John 'Teflon' Sims the artist responsible for most of the iconic designs 
for the 2 Tone label.
In its short time 2Tone promoted racial unity and united kids from all ethnic backgrounds whilst 
embracing many genres of music and styles and that is the idea behind this project. We have tried to 
reflect that in the tunes that are on the compilation and carry on with the 2Tone message and continue 
on from where it left of with the view of releasing dance music with a social conscious. 
All proceeds from the sale of the album are being donated to the Love Music Hate Racism.
Walt Jabsco..The Return Of is released on 09-11-09 and is available from 
Amazon,iTunes,Napster,Rhapsody and all good outlets. Also available is a strictly limited edition CD 
(retro 7Ē vinyl design) with hand stamped sleeves just like the first ever release on 2 Tone.
Walt Jabsco Recordings is our vision of a record label based on our love of the great 2 
Tone ,Studio1,Trojan,Upsetter,Channel 1,and Harry Jís, Motown, Treasure Isle and Blue Note labels. 
Initially the label will be internet based, where we will make our music available on our website as 
exclusive downloads. We see downloads as the new Dub plates and the internet as the sound 
systems of the 60ís. Keeping it fresh just like the original pioneers. In the future we hope to develop 
the label and release vinylís and cd's by new and up coming artist's, we are also in the process of 
building our own mini studio. So expect a lot of activity in 2010 !
For more information on Walt Jabsco Recordings please visit our website 

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