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Re: matt collings on sarah thorntons seven days in the artworld

From:     CAP
Category: Art
Date:     26 November 2009
Time:     06:39 AM


I just don’t get why Collings bothers to go to these events. If they’re so distasteful to him – JUST SAY 

Similarly, why hammer Thornton for the social butterfly dealio? These are social occasions just like 
Ascot or The Chelsea Flower Show – they draw the beautiful, if shallow people. Do you think 
everyone who goes to Ascot is a dedicated punter or trainer? Do you think everyone who goes to the 
Chelsea Flower Show is a devoted botanist? The suck-up routine is everywhere – if you think the fine 
art world is excessive in this regard check out the movie or fashion worlds.

Yeah they’re superficial and what they say about art is frankly embarrassing when not patently self-
serving, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN! Find your own kind or just leave, but don’t begrudge 
others their amusements. 


The truth is Collings is the biggest name-dropper around – check out his back catalogue on Modern 
Painters. He’s shooting for this kind of mature, Lord-Clark-in-loafers bit with his slender take 
on ‘Civilization’ but he’s no classics scholar, nor even much of an art historian, and his taste sucks. 

Here he just comes on as a miserable old grouch. 

And Wyndham-Lewis did that so much better (just to name drop…)

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