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Re: remembrance poppies UK

From:     not the second world war
Category: Art
Date:     11 November 2009
Time:     11:27 AM


hmm. Not the what about the second world argument again. 

A: the second world war (like the first) was not fought for moral reasons (to prevent the destruction) of 
the european jews. It was fought for power money control like all wars. So stop falling for the 
propaganda (it's like saying we invaded iraq to save the kurds).

B: If murdering is wrong, it doesn't suddenly make it right because we want to, or for utilitarian 
reasons. wrong is wrong is wrong. 

C: thirdly we keep saying this'll be the last biggie (war) and funnily enough if you keep killing people, 
their friends keep killing you and others back. It only stop when we stop it. No point telling others to be 
peaceful and democratic when we keep a massive army around to kill people when we decide (or 
not, they never have a referendum on going to war). 

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