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Gallery Ragini celebrates the magic of colour and spirit of life with Myriad Hues

From:     Neha Chandra
Category: Exhibitions
Date:     05 November 2009
Time:     05:20 AM


Event: Gallery Ragini presents Myriad Hues, a group exhibition of artworks by various contemporary
artists at Gallery Ragini, F-213 C, Lado Sarai, New Delhi from November 6, 2009 to November 20, 2009. 

The participating artists include: Alka Raghuvanshi, Anand Tahenguria, Bose Krishnamachari, Devendra
Singh, Durgesh Sahu, Manisha Gawade, Nisha Sharma, Pradeep Ahirwar, Ravi Gossain and  Sunando Mazumdar. 
Says NidhiJain, Director, Gallery Ragini: “These art forms are abstract and use, a visual language
of form, color and line to create a composition. Though the art forms have no reference to any
figurative reality but they strike the chord with an intellectual and effective artistic content
that depends solely on intrinsic form. The exhibition is a union of plurality of colours juxtaposed
against skilful abstract art form.”
As the title suggests, the exhibition celebrates the magic of colour and the spirit of life. In the
exhibition, life’s myriad hues i.e. joy, sorrow, laughter, caprice and freedom are portrayed with
the use of colour and endless composition in abstract forms of art works. Each painting is
remarkable with incredible play of light and shade, with a brilliant colour palette. These artists
create an overwhelming effect with the use of tones and colours.

For instance, Manisha’s works are a wonderful orchestration of colour against texture which almost
forces the viewer to feel spellbound and to follow the draggling of the brush stroke. The paintings
take the viewer beyond the boundaries of the canvas. On the other hand, the works by Bose include a
lot of use of subdued and lavish colours with conceptual aspect, which have exalted influence of the
Indian ceremonies, ritual performances, festivals and costumes. 

With the mind being dazzled by hustle and bustle of Indian ceremonies, Gossain’s works on the other
hand, are relaxing with layers of paint on each canvas to soothe the eyes and, and unwind the soul.
Abstraction in his words “is the application of the materials, colours, surface, form and lines.”

To get the glimpse of artist’s inner sense, Sunando’s works are the best example as the canvas
unfolds the subconscious composition of inner self, which is not meant to be created. Similarly,
Anand in his search for the realm of dreams has travelled inwards. His works have become startlingly
minimal, whispering about his dreams. The artist explores the world through the veil, peeping
something momentary which leaves an impact for ever.

The works by Nisha Sharma are woven around the elements of nature that are replicated in a
spontaneous experiment of colours and assorted textures that create for a surprising visual delight.

Thus, with their own unique style and technique, these artists bring life, colour, texture and
balance to their canvases to enthrall & intrigue us.

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