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Jaime Gili - Bill at Pittier - Kunsthalle Winterthur - CH

Category: Press Release
Date:     11 October 2009
Time:     02:52 AM


Kunsthalle Winterthur

Jaime Gili
Bill at Pittier

October 11 – November 22 2009

Jaime Gili’s large-scale acrylic paintings show geometrical forms in truly explosive compositions;
an intricate mesh of forms and colours catches the spectator’s attention and draws it into the
paintings or, on the contrary, with a dynamic impulse launches it beyond the artworks’ boundaries.
The vibrant atmosphere is also created by the surroundings; Jaime Gili prefers to present his
paintings in front of self-designed wallpaintings or wallpaper with similar aesthetics. As a
consequence the artwork turns into a crystalline pulsating organism and becomes almost alive; and
with each movement of the eye the single parts of this organism change in a kaleidoscopic way. The
thematic background for the show at Kunsthalle is provided by two Swiss luminaries; Max Bill, icon
of the Zurich Concrete art movement and pioneer of the design avant garde in the 1950s; and Henri
Pittier (1857-1950), who explored the Venezuelan jungle and gave his name to the first national park
there. The wilderness of the jungle, providing living space for countless plants and animals, seems
like the antithesis to Bill’s formalist and reductionist universe; for Gili, however, it is the
tension resulting from the combination of them both that makes him think about the possibility of an
abstraction of the tropical jungle. Based on the idea of an abstract jungle, the installation turns
into an artificial garden that is designed for viewing from specific viewpoints, very much in the
tradition of the English garden. The large-scale paintings are integral parts within the thicket of
artificially designed surroundings and wallpapers, but at the same time they stand out as solitary
and autonomous objects.

Kunsthalle Winterthur is supported by the City of Winterthur, Friends of the Kunsthalle, Foundation
Nestlé pour l’art partenariat, The Cultural Foundation of Winterthur, Pro Helvetia Kulturattaché/e
and Migros Culture Percent

Further Events in the Kunsthalle Winterthur:

Café des Arts – Guests of Lucia Angela Cavegn, Katharina Henking and Tanja Scartazzini:
Wednesday October 21, 7 – 11 pm: Artists’ groups and collectives – Teamwork in the field of arts
Wednesday November 18, 7 – 11 pm: Art and spiritualism – Similarities and differences

Kunsthalle LateNight
Wednesday October 21, 7 – 11 pm
Wednesday November 18, 7 – 11 pm

Annual party with the friends of Kunsthalle Winterthur
Friday October 23, 7 pm

Innovantiqua Riservata 5: Marie-Louise Dähler (Cembalo), Paul Giger (Viola)
Saturday November 21, 7.30 pm
Enquiries and bookings at

Guided tour
Thursday November 12, 6 pm, with Kristina Gersbach (admission free)

Kunsthalle Winterthur, Marktgasse 25, CH – 8400 Winterthur, Wed – Fri 12 am – 6 pm, Sat / Sun 12 am
– 4 pm,

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