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Re: TORY CUTS, machine says "maybe"

From:     Vastin Pance
Category: Art
Date:     08 October 2009
Time:     06:46 AM


Eton and England, there's little else but Eton in England, Gordon Brown is a Scotsman and England
calls itself multicultural, at which point Gordon Brown calls himself British. The British Isles and
Ireland have more or less always been multicultural with a host of native languages and cultures
before and since the introduction of English.
A call for an English Assembly would be to admit that the Union should originally have been composed
of equals and yet an English monarchy rules Britain through England. The realm of the English
Monarchy is centred in London, England but comprises of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Duchy
of Cornwall and the islands formerly known as The British Isles.
When John Prescott, a New Labour politician taunted those who called for an English Assembly, he
scampered as far away from Cornwall as mainland Britain would allow to say "We don't want a separate
assembly here do we?" at the time he was in Grimsby or somewhere equally as afraid to be further
asset stripped.

Now that Conservatism has had to become the new New, because the other political choices are
represented as "spent" by the media, they rely on this knack of collective amnesia, temporary
disengagement and misleadingly long links obfuscating some of the less favourable elements in their
history, hindered not one jot by our "caring" media who are it seems, only to willing to look away
from the monsters lurking at the bottom of the collective well. England started a war with
Afghanistan, despite the biggest public protests on record, England wants everyone to clap when the
troops come home from war, despite public feelings against the war, England wants Britain to pay for
the war, England wants Britain to pay for the Olympics. England wants Arlene Phillips off Strictly
Ballroom in favour of someone pretty. 
Saatchi and Saatchi invented the slogan "Labour isn't Working" which many attribute to the
conservative victories of the 1980's when the prospect of affluence, individuality and ultimate
consumerism were considered popular objectives in the face of some environmental and societal concerns. 
When Conservatism is the concept that the zietgiest appear to favour, they do so for a number of
reasons which are all based on the idea that the Individual casting a vote for The Common Good, but
the Individual no longer cares about the common good, the individual lives inside this screen or
page, "People" live further away from reality now, they invest in online existence, they translate
their hopes via iPhone texts, cable t.v. and ponder the "choices" they are offered by every sector
of society from emergency services to death duties, they are self possessed, box-ticking creatures
who need to be reassured that they can make money, be ambitious and be something more than just one
of millions of voters, they want the x-factor and the whole american-dream-time-English-Idyll,  Eton
is a commodity that individuals can pay for, tomorrow if necessary, and this has been a major part
of conservative policy, the individual who disentangles himself from the societal bonds of
beaurocracy and joins the Bullington Club, to hell with the others, to hell with the rules.You may
see people crushed together on the tube trains but in their heads they are in a big four wheel
drive, in their ears are little speakers they are not on that train. Most politicians have no idea
what "life" is really like.
Most house sales and house moves are as a result of people wishing to move into an area with better
educational institutions for their children and most people regard Eton as a high quality
educational institution, and most Estate Agents and Solicitors are Tory Voters, rightly or wrongly.

Henry VIII overturned the church in Britain because he, as an English Monarch wanted to remarry in
order to get an heir to the English throne, Damien Hirst also said "There is no God" because he, as
an English Artist wanted to inspire the rich by thinking they were clever as well as affluent when
they bought a work of art by a sagacious "pop" star genius. When Iris Murdoch overturned the print
unions after purchasing the Times Newspaper and the Sun publication he did so for exactly the same
reason as the previous two examples. The Individual and The Societal, The Catholic Church and the
Protestant Church, the ordinary and the special, the autocrat or the democrat, the minimum wage and
the super rich. Prince Charles Windsor remarried Mrs Parker Bowles and the wedding photographs were
featured in Hello magazine, he promotes Islamic Art and Organic Food and traditional architecture
and funds these enterprises by charging rent to the Cornish through farm and town tenancies and
property in the whole of Cornwall and land owned by his Dukedom in London and elsewhere in England,
he is often featured in farming and food journals and he is driven to many regions in his car that
burns eco-fuel and foreign countries as an envoy of the British people, pages of newspapers and
magazines are currently being manipulated to form re-editorial content in Gustav Metzgers exhibition
at Serpentine Gallery, London England, Metzger escaped Nazi Germany at age thirteen and moved to
Britain, There is no written Constitution in The United Kingdom, Britain, England, Scotland, Wales
or Cornwall.

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