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Photography Exhibition

Category: Art
Date:     15 September 2009
Time:     05:59 AM


Gallery Ragini presents Juvenilia Juxtaposed through the lens of eight shutterbugs 

Event: Gallery Ragini presents Juvenilia Juxtaposed, a group show of photographs that creates a
quirky juxtaposition of various elements of urban Indian scenario, at Gallery Ragini, F-213 C, Lado
Sarai, New Delhi from September 9, 2009 to September 26, 2009.

The participating artists include: Ajay Rajgarhia, Anshika Varma, Ashok Paul, Bandeep Singh, Laurent
Goldstein, Sunando Mazumdar, Sephi Bergerson and Udit Kulshreshtha.
Says Nidhi Jain, Director, Gallery Ragini: “Photography is an integral part of contemporary art. One
often comes across situations, which once captured, create a story in itself. Keeping this in mind,
we have brought together this show where the participating artists capture the essence, the feel and
the pun in the environment they live in.”

For instance are the series of photographs like Time, Glamour Stories & Parked and Washed by Udit
Kulshreshtha. These works explain the artist’s mindset while he traveled though Baroda, Mathura and
Old Delhi. A lot of these works bring out nostalgic past, scene which we have grown up and a few
that still remain in our subconscious. His photograph titled Piyau (a water vending stall with
earthen pots for public use) reminds how the place has been replaced by water sellers. 

On the other hand, Sephi Bergerson, with a background in advertising, mostly focuses on lifestyle
and food photography. He creates and develops a distinctive photographic language that combines his
studio skills and his love for camera. His style is very straightforward and simple. He tends to
create vivid, somewhat romantic images that have a ‘documentary’ look, but he also loves a brief, as
this is where he gets an opportunity to explore and push himself further.  Says Sephi Bergerson: “My
commercial work has always influenced my personal projects that in turn helped me create further
ideas. Though food photography remains my chore subject, the combination of different areas of
photography keeps me going and helps me stay in love with my work. In my works at Ragini, one can
find an interesting medley of the banana seller, the dosa maker and Mc Daonald’s Happy price menu.”
Another professional photographer Bandeep Singh’s photograph in the exhibition carry a conceptual
depth and is invigorated by his interest in mysticism and cultural thought. 

While experienced photographers like Sephi Bergerson and Bandeep Singh display their expertise in
the show, young and budding photographer Ashok Paul leaves no stone unturned to match the level of
the exhibits displayed. His photograph titled Aarti taken in Vrindhavan doesn’t need much
explanation as the picture in itself speaks about the importance of religion in our country. Cool
dude with his favourite buffalo is another photograph on a village boy that depicts the ecstasy of
the kid as he wears Ray Ban sunglasses and stands in style against his buffalo. 

Yet another young artist Anshika Varma photographs deal with street and city life, characterized by
still and abstract forms.  Her photographs titled Spazio Lotte, Blue Book- Invocation and Frozen
display the need to preserve the changing nature of our cities and customs through her photographs.
Says Anshika: “An artist tells a story, not just by what she creates or captures but also by what
she chooses not to. In my photographs, you will see a lone fruit seller fighting to survive an
armada of refrigerated convenience stores, a local teeth maker standing against an onslaught of
corporate healthcare, a hole-in-the-wall tailor pitting his skills against an army of international
label, and the struggle between faith and a religion of brands.”

The exhibition thus is a unique mélange of photographs that seal the moment as captured by the
shutterbug of an artist.

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